Nintendo is Looking for a Developer with UE4 Skills


Nintendo Technology Development recently published a new open position for an experienced engineer, who knows how to work with drivers and modern game engines.

Here’s a little quote from the job description:

We are seeking an engineer to join a team responsible for design, development, debug and delivery of system drivers and tools for Nintendo gaming systems. The successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence and a proven track record. We are looking for people who are excellent team players, and who also work well on individual assignments. In addition, the successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence. An interest in system software is essential. In this position, the engineer will receive a very rewarding experience working with key technologies for gaming systems.


  • BS or MS in related field (MS preferred)
  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of C
  • Excellent software design, problem-solving and debugging skills
  • OpenGL or DirectX programming recommended
  • Familiarity with existing game engines (such as UE4) is a plus

As you might have heard, Nintendo is working on their new game console (Nintendo NX). There’s not much info about this product, but it could potentially be a more powerful hardware product capable of running very heavy games, powered by modern tech like Unreal Engine 4 or CryEngine. It seems like this new engineer position might be connected with the production of software for the system. Looks very intriguing.