The Division Weapons – Made in ZBrush


My name is Johannes Larsson. I work at the lead studio for The Division project, Ubisoft – Massive,

Early on I was making weapons for the project, the weapons were made using ZBrush for the high polys. I thought that I want to give something back to the forum by showing some of my work.

  • The weapons were made with a lot of primitive shapes.
    Either straight in z-brush or imported from other 3D-packages. We often made all the parts of the weapon so we can reuse if needed. With those primitive shapes and forms I added and subtracted with Dynamesh master until the individual part was made. Besides Dynamesh the different curve and clipping-brushes came in handy, deformers, inflates,
    masking and scaling.
  • Once the main shapes was done it was time for detailing.
    Labels, smaller cavities or gripping surfaces were made using either the layer brush with an alpha or noise-maker using tileable alphas. Screws and bolts was made using IMM-Brushes.
  • Once done with all the pieces it was time to make them ready for baking.
    All the edges are razor sharp after the dynamesh and clipping applications, it was easily fixed with the polish slider under deformation. I recommend to soften the edges as a last step so you have full control over it. (Don’t forget to mask areas that you want to stay sharp)
  • As a last step, use the decimation master to reduce some polys and its ready for export.

If you have questions about my work I’m happy to answer them.

Source: zbrushcentral