Commenting Rules

We like providing a commenting system so you can express yourself and share information with other readers, and for the most part, you’re free to speak your mind under our articles. We do want our community to be a friendly and welcoming place for everyone, though, so there are a few rules. We’ve recently brought on some community moderators to help ensure those are adhered to, and while the moderators can’t be everywhere at once, we’ll be working with them to make the comments a pleasant place. Here are the big ones:

  • Don’t post racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted comments.
  • Don’t post threats or encourage self-harm.
  • Don’t post OR link to anything pornographic, disgusting, (in-game gore is a grey area, but use common sense), or illegal (including illegal file sharing).
  • Don’t spam: no excessive posting, repeated self-promotion, or paid referral links.

People who break these rules will have their comments deleted, will likely be banned permanently. We also have some general guidelines. We will ban people if they break these repeatedly:

  • Don’t be intentionally rude. Take it easy, be nice, and you’ll find that everyone’s generally pretty cool.
  • “Meh” is not a valid sentiment. If you don’t care, don’t reply. The same goes for “first”, “meanwhile in Syria”, and other non-contributory meme-style statements which will likely be deleted by the moderators and editors without warning.
  • If you disagree with someone, say why. If you agree with someone, say why. If you like or dislike something, say why. If you can’t be bothered to say why, that’s fine, just move on.
  • We’re happy to read polite criticism, but baseless accusations of bribery, corruption, or that we’re part of the illuminati ruling from an undersea lair won’t be regarded kindly. If you think we’ve acted improperly, your complaint can be taken up with our administrator or the relevant authorities.

All of the rules can be neatly encapsulated in our golden rule: don’t be a dick.

If these rules and guidelines are unacceptable to you, that’s also fine, and you are of course free to express yourself elsewhere. Publishing comments on the site is an editorial decision, and we ultimately have final say over what we appears here. To use a slightly laboured analogy: Imagine the comments section as a party. Everyone is invited, and we want you all to have a good time. But if you throw up on the carpet don’t be surprised if you’re asked to leave.

If you’re interested in volunteering as a community moderator, feel free to contact us here, including your Disqus username.